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Call it, say...

"surf Christian"...

Peace Christianity, chill Christianity, hippy Christianity, whatever...

We ain't here to proselytize. All the religions are great. Parable of the Good Samaritan shows it's what's inside that's holy.

"God's name is Steve; the heck you say, it's Bob." Calm down, ya'll.

Know what I mean, Vern?

Jesus Christ was a Transformer robot. He turned into a Book. :D

So, I have this idea about the Gospel of Jesus... That he really did "rise after three days," but as a book. Like, in us, when we started to tell the story.

Like, what is the Gospel? What Jesus said and did, right?

("Walk the extra mile, turn a spare cheek or three," the farming metaphor, the parable of the friendly Good Samaritan, faith of a mustard seed, "The Golden Rule", "cast not the first stone", etc...)

So it's Him, you see, still teaching. He came right back as us, as this story.

Why worry, then? Why bonk heads?

If you really believe that, that this is God's daily bread, you can react to it all very differently. As an opportunity to be creative, let's say.


So anyway, I call that like, "surf Christianity." It's already been hashed, man. Calm down. Make teachin', not war.

Or I like to say, "Hare Christianity..."

Oh yeah! Here's the Lord's prayer, like was taught.

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